Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Album We Never Made

Here's a rough version of the back of the CD tray.

It'll probably have a pale blue, rather than white, background to match the front cover. But I'm not giving that particular design away quite yet.

In any case, we're on schedule to have the album off to the CD duplicator by the end of October.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"The Indiana Jones of Vault Preservationists"

Okay, as previously mentioned -- and as already documented over at PowerPop -- that missing in action cassette of the first 4-track home demos we did has been rescued and transferred to the digital domain at last.

There turned out to be six songs on the cassette -- four more than I even remembered we had done -- and they are, as it turns out, of variable musical interest, although to my relief all of them survived completely intact, i.e. without tape dropout or any noticeable degradation of the original recordings. In any case, "Enough's Enough," which can be heard at the link above, is killer, and is definitely going on the forthcoming Flo Mos CD. Of the rest, this one -- Andy's epic and genuinely poignant "The Hand That's Strong" -- is the only other one in contention, although I still haven't come to a definitive decision about that.

It's a shame we never did a proper studio recording of the song, but I think this version still tugs at the heartstrings. In the meantime, the perhaps interesting technical details of how it was produced can be found at the aforementioned PowerPop link.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tales From the Crypt

The Holy Grail has been found.

Okay, actually the first five home four-track demos we did, a high-quality cassette of which was discovered in a storage facility in the wilds of the Bronx two Sundays ago.

In any case, they will be transferred into the digital domain later this week, and then the final sequencing for the forthcoming The Floor Models: The Album We Never Made project will begin in earnest. Still shooting for a final product by Christmas, if not sooner.

And here's something else that surfaced recently.

Unless I'm very much mistaken, that's the rehearsal studio where we recorded the bass and drum tracks for the aforementioned home demos, circa 1980-81. Note the incredibly cool Burns of London bass I was using at the time, courtesy of demo producer David Grahame.

Great looking bass, although it didn't sound as good as it could have on stage.