Monday, June 18, 2012

Manny Kellem Lives!!!

The finalized CD label for The Album We Never Made™

Sans one of those big CD holes in the middle, obviously.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey, We're Not Kidding Around -- This CD Really is Happening!

And it's gonna be a doozy. Here's the almost finished front and back cover and the CD label.

There's gonna be a credits/liner notes page with the front cover, and there's still a little tweaking to be done with the above, but basically I'm totally stoked with how this is shaking out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peter Lemongello, Eat Your Heart Out!

Oh for heaven's sake...I simply cannot believe this has survived.

The smart-ass flyer I cobbled together to announce our ultra-secret, first-ever, strictly for our friends, live performance in 1981.

Every ten years, a group of musicians emerge who fundamentally alter the way we listen to both rock and roll.

In the was Elvis, Chuck Berry and Tommy Sands...

In the Sixties...the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler...

In the Seventies...Bruce Springsteen, Barry Manilow and Lydia Lunch...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present

In Concert

Sept. 19, 1981 Rocket Studios (Studio B) 265 West 37th Street 944-2699 9:30-12:30 BYO

will be performing selections from their forthcoming album "We Can Get It For You At Our New Jersey Store." Be there or be square!


"A study in terror!" -- Lester Bangs, Village Voice

"I emerged shaken...a merciless dissection of the palsied heart of darkness that is contemporary American culture." -- Rona Barrett, Today

"A stinking heap of dead cod." -- John Lydon, PiL

"Sounds like an unholy schtup between Tom Verlaine and Boyce & Hart" -- Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone

"My favorite band." -- Steve Simels, Stereo Review

And I'll have you know that in the days before photoshop, this was a serious hassle to put together.

I should add that I totally ripped this off from a full page spread Paramount Pictures ran in the New York Times a few months earlier to advertise a theatrical re-issue of Ed Wood's immortal Glen or Glenda.

[h/t Susan Brewster]

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bonus Tracks of the Gods (An Occasional Series)

The Album We Never Made™ is done. Swear to Jeebus.

Seriously. The track listing is etched in stone, and the 19 selections your humble scribe has opted for -- a mix of studio, home demo and live performances -- have been painstakingly restored, edited, and refurbished from the best possible original sources by my genius pal Steve Schwartz. Who I'm taking to dinner on Thursday in lieu of payment.

In any case, here's something that didn't make the official cut, but still is pretty cool -- Gerry's "Sittin' Tight," from the sessions we did at WBAI-FM, engineered by super talented nice guy Edward Haber. Who had far more luck working with Richard Thompson on a couple of projects.

As soon as we finalize the cover art and get the rest of the production details taken care of -- which should be a couple of weeks tops -- we'll have an official release date to announce.

And here's the coolest part -- you'll be able to download the thing via iTunes and Amazon.

Ain't technology grand?