Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Band That Wouldn't Die

A couple of quick updates.

1. The juggernaut that is Floor Your Love (the CD) rolls on: CD Baby informs me that so far there have been four digital downloads already this month. Even more amazing, we sold an actual physical CD to some idiot perceptive fellow in Madrid, Spain this very day. Why we are huge in Spain is a mystery that may, perhaps, never be solved.

2. I have decided that since the masses are clamoring for the Floor Models, I am going to compile and release an EP of previously unreleased material for our own P.O.J. label.

The disc will be titled Letter From Liverpool, after the gorgeous song Gerry and Andy started working on back in the day, and which Gerry finished last year; it's about us, obviously, and it never fails to get me all misty. Gerry's version is just acoustic guitar and vocal -- Glenn and I may or may not put electric guitars, bass and drums on it; more news on that will be forthcoming as that develops. Other candidates are a great live version (from JPs,in excellent stereo) of Andy's "The Hand That's Strong," an Andy solo acoustic version of "You'll Come Around" (from WBAI-FM) and Andy's psychedelic remix of "Fade Into Grey," which samples the sitars from The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." We also have a great studio take of Gerry's "Sittin' Tight" with killer keyboards by moi; there are some technical issues with the surviving tape, but hopefully we can resolve them.

Once again, my beautiful and brilliant girlfriend will be doing the art direction -- we've already got a rough cover design -- and I'll be posting details of the work in progress in a timely fashion. Stay tuned.