Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Shameless Self-Indulgence

From a forthcoming work in progress -- tentative title Blame the Victim -- please enjoy The Weasels and the charmingly jangly "Beautiful Day."

The Weasels, of course, are the garage band chums I toiled with throughout most of the 70s, prior to the Floor Models getting together, mostly in a dank basement in suburban New Jersey, where we recorded countless shall we say iconoclastic songs on a primitive four-track tape deck.

I recently hooked up with the guys, and it turns out they still have a studio, only this time in an attic in rural New Jersey. There, plugged in to a laptop, we recorded the above (almost finished) track, with me on guitar (for the first time in 30 years). That's me on the right and left channels, plus the solo (of which I'm button-busting proud). Enjoy, if at all possible.

P.S.: The Floor Models CD project continues apace; the art work will be finalized before the Xmas holidays, and after a bit more tape research is concluded, the mastering for the CD itself should happen no later than early January. I'll keep you posted.