Friday, November 23, 2012

If It's Friday, It Must Be the Pre-Christmas "Floor Your Love" Update!

Well, lots of interesting stuff to report since last I posted.

1. Courtesy of CD Baby, I just got the Floor Models first ever royalty check, in the amount of $53.76 cents, for albums downloaded (at Amazon, iTunes, and the aforementioned CD Baby). This may not sound like much, but let me tell you -- if you know that you have $53.76 coming in every month, you can budget out your year pretty good.

Seriously, some of those downloads were from people unknown to me, which is really gratifying.

2. The physical CDs are done, and I'm now in the process of shipping them out to various friends, press contacts, etc. I'm also sending a bunch to the now twice aforementioned CD Baby, so that other people unknown to me may order physical CDs in the future.

No vinyl, sorry.


3. Dig this five-star review that a person named Wallace -- unknown to me -- posted about the album at CD Baby (you've heard of them by now, right?).

What a pleasant surprise to find this. A million years ago I was an NYU student and caught these guys regularly at The Other End (club is better known since as The Bitter End). They had a great sound, very 1960s inspired, a mashup of Beatles, Byrds, Monkees, Buffalo Springfield, Searchers, and other groups in that style. I didn't realize at the time how much of the material was original, I just assumed they had identified great but obscure tracks. They were 180 degrees opposite the prevailing pop sound of the time (Human League etc) but it's amazing how fresh and relevant The Floor Models sound on this collection.

If anybody out there knows who this Wallace guy is, please tell him that a coveted Floor Models No-Prize™ is his for the asking. Seriously -- he must have been a friend of somebody we knew back then; help me out here, people!

4. And finally, if you didn't see these two comments on the post downstairs, which are self-explanatory, all I can say about them is -- words fail me.

Hi I'm Enrique from Barcelona, Spain (we have a Blog Power Pop Action!, And there I learned of the existence of this great record).

The songs are wonderful, I love this great album in physical format, vinyl hopefully but of course also in CD format.
I repeat again, Great!!!!!!!

Hi friends,

I'm Pedro from Madrid (Spain) and, as my friend Enrique, from Power Pop Action!

I have listen the samples of your record and I have enjoyed it very much, every song are GREAT, perfect guitars and choruses with marvelous melodies with hooks.

Thanks for your music


Naturally, I dispatched CDs of the album to these guys pronto.

I should add that they weren't kidding about Power Pop Action! -- it's an actual Spanish language power pop blog, from Spain and everything, and you can -- and should -- access it over here. Incidentally, if anybody reading this is fluent in Spanish, please go over there and let us know what Enrique and Pedro are carrying on about. Could be a hot one!


More developments as they unfold...