Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Video Gave the Radio Star a Wedgie

Part two of our award-winning concert film Floor X Four.

Filmed at a low dive on Manhattan's Upper East Side on a night when we were, if not the greatest rock-and-roll band in the world, then at least the one most likely to be mistaken for a slightly shady accounting firm.

Seriously, this is a very nice document of a better than average Flo Mos show, and as I've said before, I thank -- on an almost daily basis -- whatever gods there may be that the VHS master survived into the YouTube era.

I should also add that the song I'm singing -- Andy's "She'll Make Up Her Mind" -- not only sounds as if it had been written about me personally (it wasn't) but is heard here in an arrangement lifted rather shamelessly from "Second Choice" by Any Trouble.

All songs copyrighted by The Floor Models 2011©, 'natch


  1. Great! Sound is coming through much better on this, at least at my end.
    By the way, I assume from the photo below that you two met in the Royal Flying Corps? You joke about being old, but ...

  2. Perhaps the concert film should be named Four-Eyed and Laughing?

    Clive Gregson, wherever you are, thank you.