Monday, July 2, 2012

The Masses Are Clamoring For the Floor Models!

Okay, we're getting really close to the production date for this thing.

Here's the back of the CD front cover; it may be tweaked a tad before we go to press, but essentially this is what it will look like. Including the track listing.

And here's track 14 -- a very cool live version of Andy and Gerry's "Thin Air."

The last thing you bastards will get for free, I might add.


You may have noticed that the opening song on the CD --"Spin Cycle" -- features personnel other than the classic Flo Mos lineup. In point of fact, although the song was written and performed (often) during the Floor Models original run, no recording of the song from that period has survived. However, given that three of the people playing and singing the late 80s version included here were, in fact, Floor Models (Gerry, Glen and me on keyboards) I've decided that it's a de facto Floor Models track despite the absence of Andy. In more or less in the same way that "The Ballad of John and Yoko" is a Beatles track despite the absence of George and Ringo.


  1. Very excited about this! Hurry up and get it out!

  2. some very nice jangle on this one.