Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Cold Wind in Hades (Freezing Temperatures Reported)

Okay, folks. It's finally happened.

To wit: Floor Your Love -- a/k/a The Album We Never Made© -- is now available for digital download over at Amazon. And iTunes (momentarily).

Actual CDs with sure to be award winning graphics are being pressed sometime next week -- a long story, but a boring one -- and they'll be available (gratis) for friends and press as soon as they're off the presses. And assuming that more than 100 people are nuts enough to want one, we'll run off another batch.

In any case, compiling and producing this album this has been an almost two year process, and it's really kind of amazing to me that we've finally reached this point.

To paraphrase Jeff Bridges in Heroes of Rock and Roll back in 1979:

"The Floor Models. Whew."


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  2. Hi I'm Enrique from Barcelona, Spain (we have a Blog PowerPopAction!, And there I learned of the existence of this great record).
    The songs are wonderful, I love this great album in physical format, vinyl hopefully but of course also in CD format.
       I repeat again, Great!!!!!!!

  3. Hi friends,

    I'm Pedro from Madrid (Spain) and, as my friend Enrique, from Power Pop Action too.

    I have listen the samples of your record and I have enjoyed it very much, every song are GREAT, perfect guitars and choruses with marvelous melodies with hooks.

    Thanks for your music