Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Our Second Anniversary: Special In Which Steve Gets All Warm and Runny Edition

Okay, it has now been exactly two years since your humble scribbler started this here blog.

Well, strictly speaking, I first posted on January 10, 2011, but close enough.

In any case, I started this here blog for two reasons. Number one, I had just had a parting of the ways with the folks at, for whom I had been toiling on a daily basis for a couple of years (a wonderful run, incidentally -- it was one of the nicest professional gigs I've ever had) and thus had some unexpected free time on my hands.

And number two, it was a way to sort of goose myself to get the project that ultimately became Floor Your Love the album going, after much procrastination. Said project was on my mind for obvious reasons -- I thought the music deserved a hearing before the musicians (including me) were too old to particularly care anymore.

But I would be remiss not to finally credit the original inspiration for the project. Which was the incomparable Willie Nile. I bumped into Willie at a Dave Edmunds show sometime in the early 90s, and the first thing he said to me was "Hey Simels -- when is that Floor Models box set coming out?" And I remember going home that night and thinking -- you know, that's not a bad idea.

So -- a long overdue tip of the Floor Models chapeau to Willie. Thanks, dude.

Has the project run its course? Not sure, actually, but I'm updating the blog today because the good folks at CD Baby have just informed me that two copies of the album were actually purchased on Friday. By complete strangers, i.e. people I don't know personally. One was a digital download, and the other the physical CD (that's a first for us, incidentally).

I realize that if this rate continues we won't be on the Billboard sales charts until sometime around the time that frozen smoothies become available in the nether regions of Hades, but still -- it's a thrill for us, trust me.

And in honor of those two complete strangers who were unaccountably moved to buy the album, here's a bonus track that didn't make the cut.

From the David Grahame home 4-track demos (our earliest recorded work, circa 1981) here's our first attempt at a song that in a more sophisticated form appears on the album: Andy's "You'll Come Around." Unlike the album track, it's actually sung by the song's composer, and while primitive, I think it retains a certain naive charm that's quite endearing.

Anyway, finally, I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped out with the album project, especially my beautiful and brilliant girlfriend who served as art director (working cheap, I might add) and Steve Schwartz, whose efforts at audio restoration basically made the whole thing possible.

And to my once and forever bandmates Andy, Gerry and Glen Bob -- you guys were and are the best.

Stay tuned.


  1. I love this version!!!

    Keep the outtakes coming, I know there are lots more great ones.

    I'll keep playing the album on the show.

    Capt. Al

  2. Capt. Al is referring to his wonderful intertube radio show, "Lost at Sea."

    Which airs on Tuesdays between 5-7pm, and which behooves behearing even I'm not the occasional guest.