Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Masses Are Clamoring For Floor Your Love!!!

Just got an e-mail from CD Baby, and as difficult as it is to believe we just sold two more copies of the album.

One -- a digital download at Amazon. The second -- an actual physical copy of the CD, to some guy in Pennsylvania who I do not know personally.

Which means I am gonna actually have to ship some more copies of the CD to the aforementioned CD Baby, because we are now officially out of stock.

Color me completely stunned.

In any case, to celebrate, here's a bonus track -- an admittedly low-fi but eminently listenable live version of "Let Her Go," which can be heard in a studio version on the album. This one's from a show at the Other End in '82, and there are some interesting differences between the arrangement we were performing at this point and the "official" version.

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