Saturday, May 4, 2013

And in Further News, Frozen Smoothies Have Just Gone On-Sale at the Concession Stand in Gehenna

Well, this whole strange two year journey of Floor Your Love: The Album has just gotten a little stranger.

Which is to say that -- unlikely as it may seem -- a guy at an Australian power pop label somehow heard about the album and has...

...wait for it...

...decided to release the thing for real.

The label is called Zero Hour and they do good work. Like this just released tribute album for The Records...

This tribute gathers a host of bands/artists from around the world to pay tribute to one of the finest power pop bands. Featuring: Bill Lloyd, Off Broadway, Dan Sarka & The Sometimes Why, Donovans Brain (Bobby Sutliff/Dennis Tek), Steven Deal, The Accent, The Split Squad, Lannie Flowers, Zombie Western Baby, Mike Dees, The Injured Parties, The Mold Monkies, The Bottle Kids, Vex and The Vextones, Words, The World Record, The Popdogs, Undecided By Default, The Cheeks and The Broken Rekkids. Original members John Wicks and Will Birch have given it their blessings. it seems like a good fit for us.

In any case, we're currently hashing out the details -- the packaging is going to change a little, obviously -- and I'll keep you posted on further news as it develops.

Meanwhile -- somebody pinch me, because I still can't believe this.

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