Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Album Update: The Floors of Summer

A couple of brief news flashes:

1. The liner notes for the forthcoming Australian reissue of Floor Your Love -- which behoove beholding -- can be beheld, i.e., read, over here at PowerPop.

2. My beautiful and brilliant girlfriend, who art-directed the original CD (and who works cheap), has suggested we reposition the front cover photos thusly.

I concur.

3. My old chum Allan Rosenberg informs me he has discovered a humongous trove of previously unseen and unsuspected Floor Models photos, which we will be scanning and posting beginning in September. Interestingly, these include the negatives to the aforementioned front cover photos, which means that Allan is in fact the photographer of same (which we had long suspected but not been sure of until now). The album credits will be thus corrected on the aforementioned Austrlian reissue.

Kudos, Al!!!

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