Tuesday, January 18, 2011

But What Will the Goyim Think?

Okay, herewith an mp3 of a live performance featuring my all time favorite Flo Mos inside joke.

The song, incidentally, is Andy's "What's Wrong With This Picture," which can be heard in a far better recorded version in the YouTube video in the post below.

In any case, as you can hear in both versions, there's a little instrumental section after the bridge in which the band basically goes "Da-dah! Da-dah!" and then the bass and twelve-string guitar play the riff from Paul Revere and the Raiders' "Kicks" before the last verse and the outro.

On this particular night -- at the Other End in 1982 -- Andy was moved to add a little instrumental snippet over the section in question, and I must confess I'd forgotten how hard I'd laughed at the time until Andy sent me the clip late last year.

As you'll note, the tune he's playing is "Hatikvah." I have no idea if Glen and Gerry caught it, but I suspect a few of our Jewish friends in attendance at the time did.


  1. That's Dvorak's New World Symphony!!!!

  2. It's hard to tell from this recording, but the solo was actually played from left to right.